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Adopting a Bulldog.

BEST DECISION EVER. Let me tell you a little bit about this journey to adopting Penny. About 6 or so months ago Travis and I joked about adopting a French Bulldog (figuratively named Peanut) and an English Bulldog (figuratively named Fudge) - I know you already want to throw-up with how cute we are.

Anyway - we knew this was a #pipedream and honestly never even looked because how in the world would we ever find the perfect bulldog at a shelter. Sadly, (but fortunately for us in this scenario) we were wrong. My girlfriend, Kaila - biggest animal lover I have ever met - was up volunteering at my FAVORITE dog shelter (Big Bones Canine Rescue) and posting a million photos of the cutest dogs of all time when BAM that's when we saw her. Immediately I messaged her about Penny (formally known as Mieka)

By the grace of God - somehow this perfect pup was still available. I panicked first and sent 3 photos to Travis. 100% he's going to kill me for this but too cute to not post.

After this text I asked Kai how I could make this sweet girl my new baby, she sent me the application and I filled out an adoption form as fast as humanly possible.

Only hours after that I was contacted by the rescue to do a FaceTime home-visit. Our little family was approved as a great home, the foster mom (sweetest lady of all time - let me tell ya) texted back and forth with me until we decided to go up there THAT NIGHT to meet her. Travis and I talk a lot about not getting our hopes up on the hour drive up North - that it was okay if it didn't work out and that what was meant to be would happen. As soon as we walked in to meet her and we laid eyes on her we knew we were taking her home. I sat on the floor with her for a good 20 minutes - she stared into my eyes until I fell in love H-A-R-D. It was the easiest adoption process of all time - literally took 5 minutes to fill out the adoption contract, quickly paypal the fees and get on our way.

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this decision has been. YOU GUYS PLEASE LOOK INTO ADOPTING INSTEAD OF SHOPPING FOR A DOG - I can not stress this enough.

Number 1- there is a dog out there in every breed that needs a home, I don't even want to share the statistics with you because it is too darn heartbreaking.

Number 2 - a lot of these dogos are already trained (HELLO! THIS IS A FREAKING NO-BRAINER TO ME - Training is SO frustrating). Penny is basically fully potty trained (still getting used to her surroundings), she hardly makes a peep (besides her snoring) and all she is interested in is loving on everyone and being a "good girl".

Number 3 - adoption fees are a lot more affordable then buying a purebred. Speaking of affordability a lot of rescues take care of spaying and neutering when the dogs arrive and Big Bones even covered the first vet visit for us - so you don't have any of that added cost!

Number 4 - it makes you feel really good to help a dog in need.

Number 5 - this list is pretty much endless.. so just do yourself a favor and adopt a dog (only when you're ready for a new family member, of course)

This dog brings me true happiness. I'm so excited to share our journey with you. Cheers to the first of many adventures.


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