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Gorgeous Photo Gallery Explained.

Anyone else love a good photo gallery but end up putting 500 nail holes in the wall trying to get the pictures up just right? #diyfail

If you're like me, then HOME STYLE TIP #1 is for you, this is the "Gorgeous Photo Gallery Explained". For those of you that want to be on the #joannagaines level of photo galleries - the first step starts before you even purchase your frames or photos. This step is crucial if you hate returns like I do. You want to make sure - before you order anything - you get the dimensions of the art that you want up on your wall (If you're buying frames online - and let's be real who even goes to the stores these days anyway - it'll be in the dimension or specifications section.)

Use wrapping paper, or Kraft Paper if you have it, cut the exact size of the art you are considering and simply tape them on the wall. This allows you to get the perfect distance between photos and you can live with it in your space while you wait for all of your frames to come in the mail!

The next trick is to mark where the hooks are directly onto the paper - the best part is that you can nail right through it. Once you get every nail in place you just rip down the paper and hang the photos up! Super simple and no spackling necessary!


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